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She never belongs here, she never wanted to grow up…She never cant find herself in this world, wanted to stay teenager forever…
It was late night, but no one ever cares if she home or not, mother was too busy, father wasnt here anymore, so she was sittin in the quarry cryin like 5 years old. She was turning 19 this month, and everyone expect she’ll take care of herself, and they get rid of her, but…she never wanted that. She was throwing all her pain there…in place where noone can hear or see her…disapointment that love never last, family is just a fake…and happy endings exists only in fairlytales…


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Its so easy to make promises, but its so hard to keep them…sometimes is better to say nothing that give someone hope…and take it away…

I feel you only make fun of me…stupid broken girl that wants to be loved…you spend much more time with my ex, than with me…and…im starting to be interesting only when it comes to take my clothes off…and if its only one thing you want from me…then okay…you say you love me for who i am…but still wanna change me…you cant accept me the way i am…and…you barely know me…have no idea how i am…and…i dont wanna complainig what ive been thru…its past…i just want some…support…and yes i like run and hide…i thought ill be able to hide in your arms…

Jak to powiedział mój wykładowca od rysunku
Mam swój swiat i swoje kredki
Czy ja się kiedykolwiek odnajdę w rzeczywistośći…..


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I wanna belive that everything will be allright…
But it’s hard
I wanna believe that i’ll find happiness…
But it’s nearly impossible
I wanna believe that’s nothing wrong…
But it’s the lie
And I can’t lie
Even to myself…


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‚Somewhere weakness is our strenth
And I die searching for it
I can’t let myself regret such selfiishness
My pain and all the trouble caused
No matter how long
I belive there’s hope
Buried beneath it all, and
Hiding beneath it all, and
Growing beneath it all…’

Just what I’ve said before
I’m going thru the ashes of the world
The world I built before
A crazy world of pain, suffer, sacrifice
But now I understand…
Everyone has his own pain
Everyone has his own rage
I’m not the one who feel the pain inside

Many reasons hurt people inside
Many reasons made them cry
And make things that
they ain’t better than before
But we must go thru all this pain
We have to make ourselves agian
To see the sun, the moon, like we’ve seen it before

I wanna go, and runaway
I wanna never feel this pain
I wanna find the happiness inside
I wonder how it’s possible
I wonder what is the thruth
I wanna find my place inside this world…

I wanna find the love and care
No matter how far I must stare
I feel my life is executed…


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What happend to everything I’ve ever known….. :(

how i feel

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It’s nearly dawn, and i can’t sleep
I feel so lonely
I feel so weak…
Than I see ur hand, around my waist…
I turn away my head, to see your face
I see yuor eyes closed the lines of eyebrows
I see the cicilas that shadows your cheeks…
Look down on your face see your sweet nose
Than look in yuor lips
I want them to kiss…
And I realized that you’re the one
Who can give me shelter, who can give me sun

I want you to give you everything i can
The star from the sky
The eternal rain
I want be fairy, make your wish come true
Please hide my in the pocket and take me with you

Wherever you go…

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